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Friday, 14 November 2008

This badge displayed on the waistcoat of a VOG member (any member) confirms the wearer is fully authorised to perform in any formation related role on any VOG ride nationally:



He / She may assume the position of Road Captain on any VOG authorised formation ride.

He / She may assume the function as Sweep on any VOG authorised formation ride

He / She may carry out Intersection duties and general Traffic Marshaling duties on any authorised VOG riding activity, crowd control or parking control.

Special note: Intersection duties may only be performed when the Formation officer (and pillion if applicable) is wearing a High Viz-Vest or Bib. A black clad biker may not attempt to perform intersection duties.

How did the bearers of these badges become authorised to perform such duties?

These badges are awarded to any member having enrolled and successfully completed the Formation Officer Training Course. Presented together with a signed certificate, this is an official accreditation issued by the VOG National Captain of Biking and approved by the VOG Administrator.

Here, any member may register and complete the curriculum which includes: 1) A complete reading of the riding rules, establishing an in-depth understanding of the application of formation riding. 2) Pass a Signals test astride a stationary motorcycle wherein the proposed incumbant responds to a visual slide show, which show presents graphic conditions that require signals to be performed, and 3) Pass a written test paper covering the full spectrum of formation riding.

Every member is encouraged to subject themselves to this syllabus and so become fully conversant in the skills of formation riding and the improved bikemanship that this award embraces.

There are a number of candidates already in the training curriculum and once these persons have successfully completed the syllabus, their appointments will be made and names added to the accredited list.

Why not apply today and reap the benefit that comes with the accreditation??




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