a) - Challenges and routes are designed in good faith by members of VOG and are intended to take the rider & pillion on a specific tour that will expose contenders to the beauty of the country travelled - encompassing culture, scenery and to relive history where it is preserved by way of museums, monuments and places.

b) - The routes are mostly defined and the contender is required to follow the instruction or suffer rejection of his/her challenge claim. Some routes are contender designed, such as the Longrider Challenge and the 29th Latitude Challenge where start/ finish stations are provided but routes connecting these stations are a choice of the contender. While recommended routes may exist for these challenges, they are not compulsory. 

c) - You need only register once for any complete VOG challenge, including all its stations under a single registration. You do not have to register for every station that is part of that challenge.

d) - Each and every contender - whether rider or pillion - must complete this registration form.

e) Unless the challenge you have registered for has a specific time limit - such as the Long Rider over 24 hours and the 12 Apostles over 2 days, there is a 5-year time limit from date of application that a Challenge should be completed. This is in consideration of great distances that have to be travelled, along with available leave of absence from work and financial constraints. If the 5 year period has lapsed and you still wish to complete the challenge, please do contact the Challenge Administration about your circumstances.


a) - Every "CHALLENGE" is open to paid-up members only, who shall be known as "CONTENDERS" and reporting points of any challenge are known as "CHALLENGE STATIONS”.

b) - It follows therefore that lapsed memberships and/ or non-members may complete the challenge with you as riding company but such persons will not be recognized as valid contenders.

c) -The award may be withheld if it is proved that there are outstanding membership fees or if any of the rules have not been adhered to - therefore warranting disqualification.

3 - FEES: 

a) - Your registration must be accompanied by proof of payment of an admin fee of R260.00 per Rider and R200.00 per Pillion, for any single VOG Challenge. 

b) - Should you wish to do the challenge a second time, you must go through the registration process again. 

c) - Included in this cost is your Challenge information pack (including claim form) and once all required documents are submitted and approved - the medallion that will be awarded to you. All other travel arrangements are your responsibility and costs are for your own account.

d) - Cash & cheque deposits made at a bank into VOG's bank account must include an extra R50.00 to cover the bank cash deposit fee. The payment should preferably made by On-Line Banking (EFT) or by cash to the administrator - to avoid having to pay a deposit fee.

e) - Please pay the required amount into VOG's bank account - as per details below.

f) - For reference purposes use your VO/ VF number and challenge name. e.g.: VO123 – 4 Point Star.

g) - Should a combined payment be made for more than one challenge, please indicate this clearly on your application, so that the administrator can allocate the funds correctly.


Account Name: V Owners Group
Bank: Standard Bank of SA
Savings Account: 023766611
Branch Code: 051001 (Kempton Park)
Swift Code: SB ZA ZA JJ


a) - Remember that the VOG Challenges are motorcycle-orientated adventures, where the idea is to tackle the stations on two wheels - referring to motorcycles that is, NOT two-wheeled trailers! Should time and finances allow, please try to avoid transporting your motorcycle to a VOG Challenge.

b) - On round trip adventures such as the "Karoo Challenge" (737km) and the "Sandstone Challenge" (1350km) - where start and finish points are at the same place - it is permitted to transport your motorcycle to the point that you check in to the challenge, without being penalised. The motor vehicle and trailer should be left at the start point and only collected afterwards for the home journey. This is again in consideration of time and money to be able to do the challenge.

c) - Should you live within a short distance from any Challenge Station, it is your luck that the point is within easy reach of your home or starting point. Examples are the "9 Provinces" and "4-Point Star" challenges, should the stations be tackled one-by-one.

d) - Ideally, the contender should be riding a distance of at least 500 km return to any Station from their home base. This is 250 km one way and 250 km back - with fuel slips to prove it. This will not apply if you are tackling a multi-point challenge.


a) - Back-up vehicles, with or without trailer, are not permitted on any VOG Challenge. This to prevent negative speculation of rider/pillion swapping and contenders not doing the distance by motorcycle. 

b) - Should there be someone that is not part of the Challenge that accompanies the Contender in a motor car or on a motorcycle, that vehicle shall not be used as back-up in any way to assist the Contender. An example of this would be to carry luggage or spare fuel on behalf of the Contender, who must at all times must be self-sufficient in his or her quest to qualify for that Challenge.


Though not ideal, but if emergency circumstances such as ill health, injury or a defective motorcycle causes you to change your role from rider to pillion, pillion to rider or swopping out to another vee or non-vee motorcycle - whilst a challenge is being undertaken - the following will apply:

a) - Immediately notify the challenge administrator via email, sms, whatsapp etc about the situation.
b) - This does not mean that driver and pillion may swap roles "ad lib". This is strictly forbidden.
c) - A Rider claim (Gold medal) may be downgraded to a Pillion status (Red medal). The opposite is not allowed. 
d) - A Pillion claim (Red medal) will remain the same should he/ she be compelled to take over riding.
e) - White medal claims are unaffected by emergency measures.
f) - Should a Vee-engined motorcycle have to be replaced by another, the medal colour will remain the same. The new motorcycle details are to be reported to the administrator immediately.
g) - Should a Vee-engined motorcycle be replaced by a non-vee, the award will revert to a White medal. The new motorcycle details are to be reported to the administrator immediately.


a) - Physical and mental disability in any form or extent can also not be used to seek any form of concession or relaxation of the rules. Your signature below is a declaration that you are fit and healthy to take on this trip.

b) - Should a Rider/Pillion fall ill or be injured during a challenge, the attempt should be immediately put on hold and taken up again when the contenders are physically and mentally able to continue with the challenge at hand. This may of course have an impact on time-related challenges.

c) - There will not be any special allowances or concessions given unless these are presented and approved in writing prior to embarking on the full challenge or individual stations. 



a) - Once you have found the Challenge Station and are ready for the required photograph - be sure to include the following "BIG 4" in the picture:

i) You alone, helmet off and face clearly visible.
ii) Your VOG colours.
iii) Your motorcycle with registration number that matches the one provided on this application form.
iv) The challenge station itself - clearly identifiable.

b) - Please do not submit photographs where you are in company of others. A photo of the Contender is all that the judges want to see. 

c) - If you are on your own and are taking a "selfie" photo - be sure to capture the "BIG 4"!  A worthwhile investment to take with if you are travelling alone would be a "selfie stick"  - an extension arm that will hold your camera a distance away to get that perfect shot. Alternatively - get a trustworthy onlooker to help out.

d) - When you submit photos, please provide these in JPEG format as a separate email attachment and not just embedded in your claim form. PDF's are acceptable if the photo's are date stamped.

e)  - If your photo's are not date stamped, JPEG's are valuable to the administrator - as their file info will carry information about the time and date that the photo was taken.

f) - Photo names or numbers must be recorded on the claim form - to match photo's submitted.


a) - Some challenges require a signed petrol slip in the same town or point of attraction.

b) - In this case - it should record the date, time, name and contact number of the filling station, bike registration number, model, engine capacity, litres filled, cost of fuel, kilometre reading, fuel attendant signature, your signature and pillion's signature. A lot to display - but please do not scribble over the electronic printing on the slips as this may result in your submission being rejected as fraudulent.

c) - The slips are to be scanned and emailed as an attachment or faxed to head office as part of your claim.



a) - Members may embark on more than one challenge at a time.

b) - If this is the case, then keep as many files as challenges you intend doing and when submitting the report, include only the pics and slips pertaining to that challenge. 


a) - When you have completed your challenge, please email your completed claim form (in excel or PDF) and supporting documents (photo's and slips) to the Challenge Administrator for adjudication.

b) - Please keep all records of your claim until you have FULLY completed your challenge. It does not help to submit incomplete claims.

c) - Keep all original documents in safe-keeping - in case of a possible audit request for your submission.

12 - AWARDS: 

a) - Awards will be presented by the administrator or his representative at any official VOG gathering, following the successful submission and approval of a Challenge claim. Should an award be denied it shall so be done by the sole and final decision of the administrator and no debate or written correspondence shall be entered into.

b) - The medallions that will be awarded to successful contenders are as follows:

GOLD medal - rider of a Vee-engined motorcycle.
RED medal - pillion passenger of a Vee-engined motorcycle.
WHITE medal - rider and pillion passenger of a Non-Vee motorcycle.


a) - This indemnity applies to every VOG Challenge offered at any time and any place, be it a national challenge within the borders of the Republic of South Africa or beyond our boundaries.

b) - While travel recommendations may be made based on the experience of the Challenge originator and reports submitted by fellow contenders - individual decisions are to be made on the time of year to travel and planning for roads to be encountered - always being mindful of the local climate particular to that area and its prevailing weather patterns. VOG cannot be held responsible for the ever-changing condition of roadways - with possible roadworks, stop/go's, defective road signage, detours etc that cannot be predicted at the time of Challenge initiation. Make use of institutions such as the AA and Toll companies that provide up-to-date information for route planning. Beware of local political situations that may endanger your life.

c) - Validity of driving licenses, motorcycle licence and roadworthiness, physical fitness, eye-wear, correct riding gear, quality and configuration of helmets, places and means of accommodation, riot or disturbance, safety of cash/ cheques/ credit and debit cards, are all aspects to be taken into personal account by the contender. Contenders are to acquire their own travel & motorcycle insurance cover, border letters, visa's and ensure that correct inoculations and medicines are at hand - all part of your personal CHALLENGE preparation.