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The 4-Point Star Challenge

The very first challenge established in VOG is known as the "4-Point Star", with the medallions awarded on completion also known as the “Neethling Medals”. They are presented to any biker and or pillion who visits the four most extreme accessible locations that can be reached by a road bike in South Africa.

The idea behind this initiative was from a proposal by member Buks Neethling of Lydenburg (VO 200), who provided draft sketches of how it should look. The initiative was accepted and developed as an ideal award to those in VOG who are tourer's by nature.

The initial conceptual sketch presented by Buks Neethling.

Final development and layout by Dallas Davy of Southern Cross Lifestyle.

The 4 most extreme compass points of South Africa that are accessible on good tarred roads are - in clockwise order: Beit Bridge in the north, St Lucia on the east coast, Cape Agulhas (L'Agulhas) furthest south and Port Nolloth on the west coast. The Challenge refers to each of these locations as the "North, South, West and East Stations"

Alexander Bay would have been more extreme on the west coast, but being protected diamond territory, prohibits visitation. The same applies for the east coast, where territory more extreme east, in that northern sector of Zululand, is not supported by roads that can be ridden by on-road bike.

To attempt all the stations at once, you of course are bound to travel from your hometown direct to one of the points to begin your journey - but the total 4-point round trip, depending on your desired route, would be in the region of 5500 km. As there is no time limit to complete the challenge - another way would be to tackle the course one station at a time, returning home on every occasion. That increases the distance to an estimated 7000 km plus, depending on where you live, increasing your commitment in time and expenditure quite substantially.

Obviously we're not talking iron butt stuff, but some might consider it as an “all in one tour” which could make for a great holiday and be a once in a lifetime experience.

After substantiation of your claim to Head Office, the following medals may be awarded to any VOG biker and or pillion who visits the four most extreme accessible locations in South Africa.

  1. Gold medal for the bike rider.

  2. Red medal for the bike pillion.

  3. White medal for the riders and pillions who make use of non vee - engined bikes to win all four of the stations.

As for each and every challenge - please visit the appropriate web page, download & complete the Registration Form & Rules before attempting any trip. Registration after the event will constitute disqualification.

Awardees will feature on the website achievers page and presentation made at the next available occasion where the medallions can be received. Failing that, awards may be collected by proxy or mailed to the recipients on request.

So here's to the intrepid long distance riders and tourer's, who really have a passion for motorcycling and want to experience the "four winds" of South Africa's compass points!

Photographs of each of 4 stations are provided below. Note that it is left to your own ingenuity to find a sign board that proves your location - but remember to always follow the rules laid out for the submission of claims. You do not want to have travelled thousands of kilometers, only to find that you cannot substantiate your visit because of a missing fuel slip or photograph!!


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