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VOG's new President announced at the "Cafe du Cirque Run" as experienced by VOG Dog

It was at this venue, on the 19th October 2014, that it was announced that Dave and Kia Davy were handing over the reigns of VOG to the current EXCO.

It was thus a fitting opportunity to gather here once again as Corrie Janse van Rensburg announced his successor as President of VOG, as he and Cathy prepared for their next life chapter to journey Down Under to new adventures.

We collared Vogdog Basset, faithful companion to the JVR's for many years, to tell the story:

So, on the Saturday afternoon when Boss Corrie and I were downing a Lion or two and watching a bit of rugger on the TV - I didn’t think too much of it when he passed me the peanuts and says: “Big Day at the Circus tomorrow bud?”

Boss and Cathy hadn’t filled me in too much, but when the house got down to a double bed, a sofa and the humongous curved screen TV – I suspected that a move was on the cards. I even caught the boss standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom – otherwise known as the Lion’s Den - repeating over and over in a funny accent: “Gidday mate…..gidday mate…’ s your Sheila?” Aunty Cathy even walked in on him speeching and says:

“Looking good down under Corr?”

So – the Sunday morning was cold, very cold and the boss bundled my box of toys into the back of the bakkie and I sat in-between him and Aunty Cathy. Sure missed the bikes, which I am told had gone to other good homes. Not much fun and no wind in my hair, sitting up front watching all the other buds on their boneys breeze by.

It was rather funny to see Ben Giani - mayor of Sundra – do the road captain thing. He wasn’t very long at the front of the pack, when the boss’s ex bike - strangely nicknamed “Old Faithful” - started coughing and spluttering such that Ben pulled right back and even rode in the veld a little bit with his legs left and right pointing out obstacles – smiley face!! The boss looks at me and grins – “Should’ve reminded Benjamin about that that kill switch on the side stand with the slapp side stand spring… “ Smiley faces x 3 – good times.

I expected a little more from the Circus – no lions or elephants. Gladly, no clowns - they scare me. Mike Stuart always scares me a little with his strange accent - can’t say that I always understand him… If he wore make-up and put on a clown costume, I would really freak out!

So, besides the normal eating and drinking thing that these biker dudes do on every ride – there seemed to be a bit more of a teary serious side to the day – this was the “Big Day” that the boss was talking about.

So Prez Boss Corrie calls up his Vice Prez and the two of them get all serious and hugged like they were 2 Sumo wrestlers dancing on a mat.

The Giani’s from Sundra were hanging around me for some strange reason and then Caroline gives me a squeeze and says : “Werner Britz has just been made our new VOG President!” Boy - those 2 bearded old guys really got emotional and all the other VOGGER’s clapped like crazy. Must say I got a little lump in my throat as well and my tail got wagging – everyone was so happy.

“Big Day” for sure. I was reminded of the Winnie the Pooh nursery rhyme that was sung to me by Ma Cathy all the years ago: “They’re changing guards at Buckingham Palace; Christopher Robin went down with Alice…….Alice…..Alice….Who the f… is Alice?” Never understood that one……

So – the Secretary guy Derek calls all the EXCO boys and girls up and they formed a little happy circle, pulling their stomachs in and pushing their shoulders back while they stood up front looking cool. All the while, Derek was saying nice things about the Boss and Cathy – was this another “Big Day” thing happening?

Derek spoke something about the being in same book, but with a new chapter beginning. Wonder if Winnie the Pooh and Vogdog were in the book as well?

Ma Cathy and Boss Corrie were given this amazing clock thingy with a black bike and their names on it. They were told to take it with them to their new home but keep our time on it - so that they could remember us.

So I was introduced officially to my new caregivers Ben & Caroline, who promised to look after me like their own. They are funny people, even taking turns to wear Boss Corrie's pisspot helmet.

Aunty Caroline hugged me again and I kind of liked it. They were great people – so said Boss Corrie. I believe everything he said and then I knew why the house was getting empty. Corrie and Cathy were going on a new adventure and I was going to look after the Mayor and Mayoress of Sundra. They had bikes so I was kind of keen to do the Yamaha thing with them.

Aunty C even organised a brand new sissy bar thingy for her V-Star so that I could have a comfy ride when they do some more challenges in the summer.

Corrie says they are going to Sydney – the only Sydney I know is the Rottweiler in the complex where we lived. Anyway, I am told that Sundra is in the countryside, where there is a lot more room to run around. They even have a borehole – they must be rich!

So the day ended. VOG got a new Prez - I think he is going to do a good job because he learned from Boss Corrie. Maybe I get to ride the Vee Rod from time to time as the President’s bitch!

Corrie and Cathy are going to stay with Sydney – whoever he is? Hope they have nice roads and motorcycles there.

And I got a new home. Aunty K sure hugs nice and Uncle Ben gives an amazing wink to me when he catches a squeeze on Aunty K’s behind.

Oh – here are some happy snaps of the VOG people at the Café du Cirque Run:


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