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VOG's Senior Members

We are excited to welcome VO233 Lawrence Leonard to VOG's Hall of Fame - a position reserved for any member that has turned 70 years old and has continued service in VOG of at least 5 years. He becomes a "Lifetime Member" and will not pay subs for as long as he chooses to be associated with the Vee Owners Group - as an active member or retired.

The total listing is as follows - in order of age. Published during 2020.

David & Kia Davy (VO 001)

David & Kia Davy (VO 001) - Founder members (Retired). Principle member Dave will be 78 in October this year and currently has 15.8 years service.

Wesley & Mariette Meyer (VO 225)

Wesley & Mariette Meyer (VO 225) - West Rand members (Active). Principle member Wesley will be 75 in November this year and currently has 11.4 years service.

Mike & Joan de Beer (VO 300)

Mike & Joan de Beer (VO 300) - East Rand members (Retired). Principle member Mike will be 74 in January this year and currently has 9.3 years service.

Lawrence & Rosemary Leonard (VO 233)

Lawrence & Rosemary Leonard (VO 233) - Centurion members (Active). As the principle member, Lawrence will be 71 in August this year and currently has 11.3 years service.


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