Gauteng's Bru House Run Invite

VOG Gauteng invites you to attend our pre-Winter breakfast run to the Bru House & Diner in Magaliesberg - on the 9th of May 2021.

Bru House and Diner is situated on the R563 between Krugersdorp and Hekpoort in the heart of the "Magaliesberg Biosphere". Deep in the country and away from the big cities, Bru'House and Diner immediately provides both a relaxed indoor and outdoor country atmosphere.

The Bru'House has a social ambiance which is great for family visits, with a large safe kids play area available as well as the superb "Little Bru" menu.

On offer is a menu designed to ensure that there is something for everyone, with favourites like Burgers, Steaks, Salads and Fish.

The 80km route starts out at the Total Centurion Gate garage just off John Vorster drive (S25° 51' 56.5" E28° 11' 23.8") and after a 60 minute drive along a scenic R511 in the direction of Hartbeespoort Dam and across to the R400 "Satellite Road" - we will arrive at the venue situated on the R563 Hekpoort Road (S25° 57' 41.8" E27° 40' 49.9").

Departure from Zebra point at 08h45 and arrival at the venue round about 10am.

We will be seated in the comfort of the upstairs loft, lending a great view of all the happenings below, including live music from 11am onwards.

All meals & drinks to be ordered & settled direct with the waitrons.


Your RSVP is required and should include the following vital information please – by Friday 7th May PLEASE! This is required for seating, catering and planning of a safe and enjoyable ride.

Your RSVP must include: The number of bikes, the number of cages, the number of persons, the number of meals, the Area Cell where you will meet and most importantly - GIVE YOUR FULL NAME please! (See example below).

RSVP example: 1 bike, 1 cage, 4 heads, 3 meals, ER, Joe Biker.

You may RSVP now on via e-mail or wait until you receive your bulk SMS on Friday morning giving ETD times and meeting points for the run. Please do not RSVP more than once, unless your details have changed since doing so the first time! Also, please do not RSVP to any other number you may have. When you receive the bulk SMS, by simply pressing "reply" and adding your message, it will be retained in the system and carried to the correct address.

To understand the abbreviated bulk SMS that will follow, please refer to the explanation hereunder. (Coordinates are provided for each point).

CG = Centurion Gate (S 25° 51’ 58.0" - E 028° 11’ 29.1")

ER1 = Eastrand #1, GT Service Station (S 26° 06’ 44.7" - E 028° 15’ 48.6")

SR = Southrand, Michelle Ave Sasol (S 26° 17’ 12.4" - E 028° 06’ 18.9")

Regards & Ride Safe

Derek Meise (VO-032)

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