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Gauteng's Magic Tavern Run to V-Town



VOG Gauteng invites you to join us for our breakfast run to the “Magic Tavern” in Vereeniging this coming Sunday - 2 Feb 2020.


The run will take us on a route of about 56km, starting out from the Michelle Ave Sasol garage in Randhart, Alberton & onto the R59/ R82 southbound toward Vereeniging, including some nice scenic country back roads!


ETD from Sasol Michelle Ave is at 09h15 and arrive at venue by 10h00.




The plated meal on offer is the VOG MAGIC Breakfast @ R60.00, consisting of the following:

•    2 Eggs (to order)
•    2 Bacon
•    1 Russian
•    Toast & Chips


All Beverages will be for own cost.


Your RSVP is required and should include the following vital information please – by Friday 31st Jan PLEASE! Absolute deadline is Saturday mid-day!! This is required for seating, catering and planning of a safe and enjoyable ride.


Your RSVP must include: The number of bikes,  the number of cages, the number of persons, the number of meals, the Area Cell where you will meet and most importantly - GIVE YOUR FULL NAME please!  (See example below).

RSVP example: 1 bike, 1 cage, 4 heads, 3 buffets, ER, Joe Biker.

You may RSVP now on  via e-mail or wait until you receive your bulk SMS on Friday morning giving ETD times and meeting points for the run. Please do not RSVP more than once, unless your details have changed since doing so the first time!  Also, please do not RSVP to any other number you may have. When you receive the bulk SMS, by simply pressing "reply" and adding your message, it will be retained in the system and carried to the correct address.


To understand the abbreviated bulk SMS that will follow, please refer to the explanation hereunder. (Coordinates are provided for each point).


  • CG = Centurion Gate (S 25° 51’ 58.0" - E 028° 11’ 29.1")     

  • ER1 = East Rand, GT Service Station (S 26° 06’ 44.7" - E 028° 15’ 48.6")     

  • SR =  South Rand, Michelle Ave Sasol (S 26° 17’ 12.4" - E 028° 06’ 18.9")     


Regards & Ride Safe

Mike Hill (VO371)






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