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The VEE ENGINE is a common configuration for an internal combustion engine. The cylinders and pistons are aligned, in two separate planes or 'banks', so that they appear to be in a "V" when viewed along the axis of the crankshaft. The vee configuration generally reduces the overall engine length, height and weight compared to an equivalent inline configuration.

Arguably, the first motorcycle was designed and built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Bad Cannstatt, a district of Stuttgart, in 1885. This first petroleum-powered vehicle was essentially a motorised bicycle, although the inventors called it the Reitwagen  - essentially a "riding car".

Featured above is Gottlieb Daimler and a mock-up of the original workshop. 

In the quest to provide power but reduce space and weight, the V-Twin was originally designed to replace the single cylindered engine in the motorised bicycle, mounted inside the “V” frame above the large cog. It was restricted to a V-Twin rather than an "in-line" engine, so as not to exceed the width of the single cylinder that it superseded.

The 1000cc Duzmo, built to race in the 1920's

The French Wakan 1640 is a naked sport bike first produced in 2006

V-Twin and V-Four engines are the prime-movers of some of the greatest motorcycles ever built and are respected, admired and cherished world-wide.


The Vee Owner’s Group (VOG) brings together mature owners of big vee-engined motorcycles, whether V-Twin or V-Four. Internationally, we share a common interest, enjoy group outings & provide a group structure & service that would benefit owners in the enjoyment of their motorcycles.


So how did the beloved VOG logo originate?? Founder member David V. Davy reports that when VOG was created, he sent the pic below to his son Dallas and asked that he silhouette the image of the Virago 1100 with absolute detail and strict definition  -  coming up with the much praised Logo still being used today. Although we have had two title amendments to suit market related needs, the logo has not changed and is a registered copyright and trademark.

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