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VOG Gauteng invites you to join with us for our Spring breakfast run to The Culinary Express in Heidelberg this coming Sunday - 6 Sept 2020.

The restaurant is under new management - namely our very own VO356 Vendi Klaushofer, who is busy applying all the expertise and Austrian experience of Adler Cuisine at his new venue in Heidelburg.

The run will take us on a route of about 52km, starting out from the Michelle Ave Sasol garage in Randhart Alberton onto the R59 southbound, along the R550 and then...

It was British Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain (1937 to 1940) who once said that ……..”In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers”.


The South African War - (11 Oct 1899 – 31 May 1902)

I believe that the same can be said of the South African War – also known as the Anglo-Boer War or Second Boer War...

Gaffie & Aretha Schultz completed the Battlefields Challenge between 27th Nov 2011 and 8th January 2012 - starting and finishing in Pretoria, Gauteng. 

Gaffie tells the story:

Honoured Dead Memorial – Kimberley (27 November 2011)

We started our tour on the morning of 27 November, heading towards Kimberley via Potch and Klerksdorp. We reached the Honoured Dead Memorial in Kimberley, at about noon on 27 November. We spend the night just outside Bloemfontein at Reineke park.

Boer War Museum &...


If you were one of those "When are we going to get there?" kids - maybe the Long Rider Challenge is for you?

In response to an email sent to VOG HQ by VO14 Albert Otto in November 2010, the following was compiled and edited by Albert and Dave Davy -  where the two seasoned riders pooled their experiences of long distance riding to present the VOG Longrider 1 000K, 1 500K, 2 000K & 2500K Challenges.

Kind of like “build-a-burger”- you get to design your own riding route, register and...

The VOG 29-Lat Challenge is run from either direction from the two points Latitude closest to the 29° latitude or parallel, south of the equator.

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