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There are diverse challenges made available for all long distance rider’s, where they are able to choose from a selection of predetermined routes and attractions in Southern Africa and thrill at being able to share in the subcontinent's great heritage.

To have opportunity to visit and see the most extreme geographical points of the compass accessible by road, to visit battlefields or lighthouses, to ride 12 mountain passes in the Cape over 2 days, to tour the 9 Provinces of this beautiful land, to visit villages, towns and cities of note that the varied challenges offer and thus to share in the South African experience, see it’s beauty and scenery first hand, meet it’s different peoples, test the hospitality, taste it’s special and cultural dishes and in so doing, performing the adventure on a motorcycle, sleeping over in a campsite or chalet... all this whilst enjoying the company of friends, or if you are an Argonaut, doing it solo if that is your thing.

Which of the VOG Challenges to tackle?  Please check the options on the website, each challenge an experience unique and not to be missed. Contenders may engage in more than one challenge simultaneously. Why not email your interest to us now with the subject CHALLENGES and we can suggest options for you to consider!

For local members, why not make your next vacation a VOG Challenge adventure and for international visitors to this country, why not embark on a VOG Challenge in South Africa – the rainbow nation has so much to offer that is unique. Non-members who wish to ride the VOG challenges may do so by enrolling for a VOG Contenders membership, and performing the feat within that year. Riding a Vee machine allows you a Gold or Red medal (Rider / Pillion) or a non-vee machine earns you a white medal, all on the same rules as full members enjoy.

Then for those who are not riding for discovery and appreciation of scenery, photo-taking or with intention to soak up the unpolluted air in far off rural countryside  . . . . . but thrill rather in pushing for prize and endurance, there are the VOG Long Rider challenges. You get to design your own route and challenging your own initiatives and fitness.

Long Rider challenges will only be open to experienced bikers who can prove their prudence in bikemanship, good judgement and fitness.

Why not scroll through the various challenges highlighted below? Clicking on the "Read More" button will take you through to more detailed information. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?


The "VOG 4 Point Star" 

will be awarded to the Challenger who visits the four most extreme locations in South Africa - all accessible by means of tarred roads.

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