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The Road Trip

One of the poems we were taught in junior school, was the old classic "Sea Fever" by John Masefield - where he laments about his yearning to go back to the sea again.

A landlubber by nature - I get the longing often enough to blow the nonsense accumulating in my head and become one with my Creator and the open road.

Here follows a great poem and artwork - not mine, but all credit to Shamus Deyo who wrote this in February 2015 and the biker art is from a collection by Dave Mann - please check out the websites links!

​​A Bikers Tale

There's nothing like the Feel Of two wheels and the power Between your Legs, The Pounding Of two Cylinders, as the engine Revs. Wheeling through snaking roads Surrounded by Sunlight and trees The intense smell of fallen leaves On a cool nights ride. Feeling free Blasting down a two lane road. Rolling into a small town, you Hear the Bikes Rumble, as you Shift down, and throttle off the gas The roar of your bikes sound, as It bounces off the passing buildings. You're out of town past the Last street light As the Stars unfold in the stark black night The feel of the wind's a sweet taste of freedom Content for the silence and the Bike motors hum. As an old Biker the ride is Past, but the feel of The wind Flowing past my face, and the pound Of the Motors sound, still be mine, Till my Day is Done

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