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The 9-Provinces Challenge

First published 10th January 2011.

Welcome to a challenge where you will see constantly changing patterns of landscape, cultures, agriculture, industry and mining. It is an opportunity to visit major centres in each province, then ride out and find what exactly lies between these stations. An opportunity to stop and browse in the little towns, check home industries, speak to local folk where they are and discover the differences between cultures, dialects and customs you will come across.

The rider and pillion (where applicable) must travel through the 9 Provinces of South Africa, choosing any one of the following towns per Province as accepted stations of the challenge.

One must realise that there are places in South Africa where 3 provinces, and in one case 4 provinces meet at a common point and one could visit all these province by possibly doing less than a hundred kilometres. That would conflict with the spirit of any challenge and so the stations (Towns/Cities) nominated are so designed, to negate (neutralize) such possibility.

VOG challenges are there to allow true motorcyclists to “take on” the black top and achieve a result that is demanding, adventurous and deserving of reward.

Here follows your station choices for the 9 provinces:

  1. Eastern Cape: Bisho, Umtata or Graaff-Reinet

  2. Free State: Bloemfontein or Harrismith

  3. Gauteng: Pretoria or Johannesburg

  4. KwaZulu Natal: Pietermaritzburg, Ulundi, Durban or St Lucia.

  5. Limpopo: Polokwane, Bela-Bela or Northam

  6. Mpumalanga: Nelspruit, Volksrust or Piet Retief

  7. Northern Cape: Kimberley, Upington or Colesberg

  8. North West: Mafikeng or Rustenburg

  9. Western Cape: Cape Town or George

Please ensure that you adhere to your choice of stations when embarking on this Challenge.

You will note that the location of the above towns enables you to plan a trip that best suits you, as most of the main routes are covered.

Well, enjoy the ride . . . . it is designed to do just that!

After substantiation of your claim to Head Office, the following medals may be awarded to any VOG biker and or pillion who visits the specified locations in South Africa.

  • Gold medal for the bike rider.

  • Red medal for the bike pillion.

  • White medal for the riders and pillions who make use of non vee - engined bikes.

As for each and every challenge - please visit the appropriate web page, download & complete the Registration Form & Rules before attempting any trip. Registration after the event will constitute disqualification.

Awardees will feature on the website achievers page and presentation made at the next available occasion where the medallions can be received. Failing that, awards may be collected by proxy or mailed to the recipients on request.

Sample photographs of member's 9-Province tours are provided below. Note that it is left to your own ingenuity to find a sign board that proves your location - but remember to always follow the rules laid out for the submission of claims. You do not want to have travelled thousands of kilometers, only to find that you cannot substantiate your visit because of a missing fuel slip or photograph!!


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