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Love with Wings -2010

It was the second year running that VOG had received an invite to attend the "Love with Wings" charity day at the Swartkops Air Base. First time round - it was a new adventure, second time round we looked forward to a whole lot of fun.

This was the invite we received from 17 Squadron:

These hard-working Airforce hero’s seldom took a break from their hectic schedules and this event had become one of those rare moments when they took time out to entertain these youngsters and give something back to the community. We had been asked if we could provide a show of gleaming Big-Vee motorcycles that would make for great photo opportunities for the young ones. And guess what? The promise was that if you were free on the day, or convinced the boss to take some time off, there may just have been be a ride on an Oryx helicopter in it for you!! So - was anyone interested in joining in with us? Oh yes please.....

With full colours and biker gear, a group of VOG'rs left from the Total Centurion Gate garage at 09h30, to arrive at the Old JHB road entrance to the Airbase at 10h00.

As the group of 17 Vee's lined up in formation - it was fitting that they stood below the welcome sign of the 17th Squadron!


Below is a gallery of pics from 2009 and 2010.


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