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Dave Catchpole's Buff 2019

East Cape Member David Catchpole looks back on his recent trip with fellow VOG riders down to the Buff in Mossel Bay:

"I took a ride recently, along with some friends, to the Buffalo Rally. I haven't been to "The Buff." since '96 and so I thought it was about time to go again.

It was a misty start, but an hour later, waiting to meet my friends, the sun was out.

Stopping for breakfast is always a good way to start the day and also later, a break for coffee and a leg stretch.

We finally made it to the rally without mishap and the weekend began. There was time to relax and have drink or two.

We took time to enjoy the coastal beauty and watch the passing parade, too.

All too soon, though, the weekend came to an end and I had to start back home again. But not before I had a good cup of coffee and enjoyed the scenery one last time."


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